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Regeneration and revitalization capsules for the prevention and treatment of general loss of vitality and ailments associated with the ageing process

No one can deny that life in the 21st century is stressful! Many of us live in polluted cities, working under constant pressure and leading a generally unhealthy lifestyles. We take care of our outward appearance by using quality cosmetics etc to help keep us looking young. However having soft, silky hair and smooth, supple skin will not improve our quality of life when our inner organs start to show signs of ageing.

Taking care of the ‘outer self’ is good for the self esteem, but by taking more care of the ‘inner self’ we could easily extend and significantly improve the quality of our life. Caring for our ‘inner self’ is something we should consider before we start to suffer with ailments associated with ageing.

Looking good is important, but we shouldn’t ignore that parts of our body that cant be seen, as they are the parts that will determine our lifespan. Vitaline can help.

Vitaline is a cell heal cell concept that uses macromolecular specific cell extracts from healthy young animals and animal fetuses. It contains cell constituents equivalent to those of organs most frequently affected by symptoms of stress, wear and ageing such as the heart, liver, spleen, pancreas, lungs, intestines and muscles.

The cell cycle in a normal healthy body would usually be as follows:

  1. From conception to puberty, 20-30 cell divisions would take place. The purpose is to produce a perfect healthy body.
  2. From puberty to 120 years, 20-30 cell divisions would take place. The purpose is healing and repairing damaged or exhausted cells. Human cells need nourishment! That’s why we become old, our cells are lacking nourishment

Medical case records and testimonials from Europe and Asia show clearly that Vitaline taken on a regular basis can increase cell divisions by 10-15 times. Therefore, increasing the cell repair capabilities and slowing down the ageing process.

Vitaline can be used for the following: General revitalization and regeneration, physical and mental exshaustion, arteriosclerosis, potency problems, slow convalescence, poor memory, erratic sleep patterns, disturbed development and growth in childhood.

Vitaline is a holistic treatment and unlike many conventional medicines, it is perfectly saft and can be taken without risk of side effects.

Vitorgan, Bangkok was founded in 1991 by Mrs Pantipa Vajropala who trained in Stuttgart, Germany and later went on to win the prestigious gold medal awarded by the German Institue for the Evaluation of Molecular Organo and Immunotherapy. The Bangkok center is the headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, which was founded in 1954.