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At our centre in Stuttgart, we train doctors who as registered medical practitioners are competent to decide whether a patient would benefit from molecular bio-therapy. We can then make all our resources available to them. Doctors come to Germany from all over the world, sometimes accompanying their patients.

So many cases were being referred to us from Asia that we decided it would be in everyone’s interests to open an Asian centre where doctors from neighboring countries would have easy access to us.

Pantipa Vajropala became our star pupil and is the only non-doctor ever to win its gold medal. She was the natural choice to run Asia’s first Bio-Therapy Centre here in Bangkok.

The Bangkok Centre will provide diagnosis, consultation and training. While contact between doctors and the centre in Stuttgart is principally carried out via the Internet, the accessibility of Indonesia and, of course, Thailand is a great advantage.

“I want to see more people able to take advantage of this treatment through their doctors,” said Pantipa.
“Why should they suffer, when we know that there’re still other options with which they can be helped?”

Diagnosis is through Elektro Neural Diagnosis , which, despite being a modern computer linked technology, is not dissimilar from traditional Chinese medicine.

“That’s not really surprising,” said Dr. Brillinger. “Chinese and German science developed at different times in different places,but inevitably made some of the same discoveries.”

The device identifies 200 reaction points on the skin, half of which coincide with those used in acupuncture. Electronic contacts with these points in the patient’s body will give an exact reading of the functioning of the organs.

In a healthy organism, the reactions will conform to a certain standard level. Those which are weak or hyper-functioning will produce an abnormally high or low reading that will indicate the cause of symptoms. Results are e-mailed to the patient’s doctor and printed out as a complete record of the electronic diagnosis.

According to Dr,Check Dhanasiri who is the center’s adviser, fresh air, exercise and a healthy diet are part of a recipe for a long life, but he belives that bio-molecular therapy is another option for patients with certain ailments.

Dr.Check is also the founder and president of the Thailand Centenarians’ Club. He is in an octogenarian, but his intention is to live to be 120, and we don’t doubt him for a moment.

More than 50 years ago, bio-molecular therapy was still in its infancy. Today it has now become an unstoppable trend. Eleven years ago, khun Pantipa, a bio-chemist, foresaw the importance of this therapy and forged ahead by setting up a training center here in Bangkok which has been able to create a breakthrough for its usage in Asia. Physicians in conventional medicine are encouraged to contact the training center for more information and know-how in bio-molecular therapy.

Bio-molecular therapy can be used to cure or prevent degenerative disease such as osteoporosis, gout, joint disorders, rheumatoid, inflammation and hardening of the liver, kidney failure, and degenerative brain, lack of blood to the brain, brain impairment, attention deficiency, brain disorder in children, arterial sclerosis, skin diseases, high blood pressure due to spinal pressure at the neck, diabetes with complications, ageing, degenerative eye diseases, heart diseases, emotional and psychological instability, depression,