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Cytoplasmatic Bio-molecular Therapy and modifications of Autohaemotherapy

  1. 25 years of Cytoplasmatic Therapy

  2. A review of the development of Cytoplasmatic Therapy and serum desensitisation techniques unavoidably highlights a unique personality : Prof. Dr. med. Karl THEURER.
    The vital question at the beginning of Cytoplasmatic Therapy was this: How can cell therapy be refined to produce a safe, therapeutically effective technique of organ therapy in accordance with the principles of immunology and molecular biology? THEURER was obsessed by the thought of success using the fresh cell components. THEURER was also determined to dispel all the quite justified fears of allergic reactions and sensitisation associated with cell therapy, by developing an immunologiccally flexible method of organ therapy.
    After much theoretical work and numerous experiments, including tests on himself, Karl THEURER perfected a particularly conservative method of chemical preparation of organ substances by acid-vapour lysis of lyophylised organ powder in a vacuum. The method was patented. It was the key of the removal and reduction of type specificity and improving the solubility of calls components. That was the beginning of a perfectly safe, flexible therapeutic technique using biological macromolecules: Cytoplasmatic Therapy. Its inauguration provided a major stimulus to scientific research in organ immunology, allergology and molecular biology.
    There have been three main phases in the development of Cytoplasmatic Therapy: first, the convincing results obtained in practice confirmed the therapeutic theory. Then in the second phase, objective data was obtained in veterinary medicine and fundamental research. The third and final phase is the scientific consolidation in clinics and practices.

Thanks are due to the many therapists, scientists and clinicians whose commitment has enabled this aspect of molecular biology and immunology to assert itself in the face of much opposition, so that it now has an indisputable place in our catalogue of pharmaceutical resources.