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Organ therapy and immunotherapy excel in the treatment of renal conditions.Diseases of the kidney frequently are related to metabolism disorder and autoimmune processes. In the final stages of glomerulonephritis, for example, the glomerular function is almost completely blocked by antigen antibody complex,

Case Histories:

Sybille B. was 10 years old when she first was taken in for treatment. At the age of 4 she had suffered a pelvic infection and been given antibiotics. Since then she had digestive problems (constipation – usually only 2 stools per week). She did well in school but was nervous and had little resistance. There often was protein in the child’s urine. In view of the patient’s age, an oral course of REVITORGAN Therapy was prescribed. The preparations were given in increasing doses, followed by oral G.S. thereafter, the patient remained under constant observation and the oral G.S. was repeated. After 2 years, protein was found in the urine again. A new course of REVITORGAN therapy was given, this time with injections. Urinalysis has shown normal valves since therapy. As a purely prophylactic measure, the injection course will be repeated.

42 year old, slightly overweight Gerhard F. hadn’t felt well for a while: worn out, exhausted; under physical and mental strain. Girdle pain, abdomen feels “puffed up” does not tolerate alcohol well. Laboratory findings: blood highly viscous, hypercholineste rolaemia, hepatopathy . Nephropathy, hyperuricaemia. Protein in urine 155/120. history: spleenectomy after an accident 20 years previously slight hypertrophy of the prostate.

Having fully assessed the situation, it appeared advisable to treat the renal condition primarily.Bloodletting (500ml);daily fluid intake controlled, and the high-serum calcium level offset by administration of magnesium.3 HOT treatments.Then vitOrgan therapy and Countersensitisation.The patient felt much better. The diastolic blood pressure fell during administration of the Dilution.

10-year-old Claudia B. had been ill repeatedly. She had developed cystitis and pyelitis, which recurred continuously and with increasing frequency. If medication were discontinued, she would be in pain again within a day, sometimes with a raised temperature. Bacteria in urine; culture and change of medication depending on finding. Her internal specialist prescribed Beriglobin and Bactrim without success. The child’s history indicated allergic diathesis. About twice a year an allergy appeared, beginning with itching in the ears. When it stopped in the ear, it began in the finger nails, then the feet and frequent urticaria (improved by administration of calcium). She also had a tendency to catch bronchitis. She also had had measles (twice), middle ear infection, and chickenpox.

Therapy : REVITORGAN Dilution, Lingual , Coutersensitization. The patient’s general condition is much improved. Repeat Dilution and Lingual therapy. Heat treatment should always be considered as a suitable concomitant therapy in renal conditions. Neurotherapy and cupping are also frequently indicated.