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- She had suffered with SLE Disease since 2001 (in only 1 week she lost all of her Hair) and when she was exposed to Sunshine she only wanted to sleep and she had pain in her whole Body. She went to the Hospital for Blood tests and the Doctor diagnosed her with SLE and prescribed 8 Steroid Tablets per day which helped all her symptoms get better.
When she reduced the dosage she had side effects of swelling in her whole Body. She continued this treatment for 4 years and her Disease symptoms lessened and she stopped taking the Medicine.
- After 2 years her Disease came back and affected her Lungs such that she could only breathe half lung and she felt exhausted. She took Steroids and other Medicine for about 3 years and her symptoms lessened and she stopped taking the Medicine.
- In October 2013 she became sick again for no reason and she was unable to chew food or anything else. She went to the Dentist and they found that her Teeth Roots had decayed (all Molar Teeth on the left hand side) and she only had the Shell of her Teeth remaining. She had to have 3 Teeth extracted and also get new Teeth.
- Later she suffered with swelling of her palate inside of the Mouth and she believed that this was
related to the new teeth  that she had done however the Doctor told her that this can happen too people that have SLE.
- In September 2014 she suffered with an abnormal Heartbeat (87-89 beats per minute), exhaustion and within 2 weeks she had lost 1 kg in weight.
Results After Treatment By Biomolecular Therapy:
After 10 Days:
Her symptoms have lessened (before just sitting made her tired) also now when she walks she no longer feels tired (before when she felt tired she had to rest).

After 2 Weeks:
- Her Pulse and Heartbeat is now normal (60-64 beats per minute).
- She has gained 2 kg in weight.

After 3 Weeks:
- Her symptoms of Thyroid problems have gone away, she is no longer exhausted and her Pulse is normal.
- She no longer has any swelling at thyroid gland.
- Her weight has increased to 49.7 kg (normal 52 kg and before treatment 46 kg).
- She now sleeps longer also she does not wake up at 2 o’clock in the morning anymore (after this she could not get back to sleep).

- During the first treatment she only took Vitaline for about 1 month and after taking this she went to Myanmar on holiday where she suffered with an allergy to Wheat Flour causing her to vomit and have Diarrhea however when she woke up in the morning she no longer felt tired and she understood that the Vitaline had helped her.
- Now the Patient still takes Vitaline and she is always strong, has a fresh and bright complexion and people complement her, she is also very happy and she can go back to work again.



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