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  • His mother had to have him prematurely delivered after 8 months’ pregnancy using Cesarean Section as she  have less Amniotic Fluid, his birth weight was only 1900 grams and he had to be placed in an Incubator.
  • When he went to study at Pre-Kindergarten his mother noticed that he was an abnormal child as he liked to pull down things, more energetic and hyperactivity. When he studied at Primary level he was intensely emotional, aggressive, screaming, impatient cannot waiting and when he didn’t like something he would start throwing things and start tearing up papers. When it was time to learn Thai language he would just walk out of the Classroom as he did not like to learn the Thai language. He did however like to learn the English language and he also liked subjects that involved drawing and could listen to the Teacher almost until these lessons were finished. He is able to read and write but has some problems with writing when he just stops before the writing is finished. He is a slow learner when compared to his friend but he can still study using the same criteria as a normal child.
  • His Mother took him to the Hospital for treatment when he was 4 years old and the Doctor diagnosed him as having a Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder : prescribed Medicine from the Hospital and the child got quite better.
Results after Biomolecular Treatment:
The first year he only took Biomolecular Extracts (August 2012 – August 2013)
Later he took Biomolecular Extracts for about 4 – 5 months
- He is in a better mood also when he becomes frantic he can calm himself down quicker than before.
- He has become quieter and he can sit for a long time in the Classroom when learning subjects until they are finished also he no longer wants to take things apart.
Results after taking Biomolecular Extracts for about 1 year:
- He can do everything now more by himself for example; going to the Bathroom, getting dressed up, eating by himself sometimes messy (before he could not do these things according to his age).
- His appetite is now good whereas before he did not want to have food.
Results after only taking Biomolecular Extracts for 1 year, September 2013 his Parents took him to Bangkok to start full range Biomolecular Treatment:
After 4 weeks 
- His aggressive temperament has decreased by 80%.
- He now understands he has to wait for things also when he plays with things with his family and his mother tells him to agree to let them play first he agrees.
- He can now wait for his brother to finish watching TV until its finished before he asks for the channel to be changed that he likes to watch (before he could not wait and he just wanted to change the channel and changed it).
- His response to things has improved and he can now ask for example; Who asked? He can also retaliate now but before he could not do this especially with strangers.
- His ability to socialize has increased and he now can play for a long time with friends. When his friends bang their heads and he does the same he understands his friends are just playing together and he does not get angry like before (before when his friends teased or displeased him he would sit quiet for a while and then he became very angry, had intense emotions, made loud noises and destroyed things).
**Present, June 2018 he is studying at Junior High School year 8 and he is now 15 years old and still takes continuously Biomolecular Extracts which he has taken for about 6 years and his symptoms have improved sequentially**
- He can now sit to study in a classroom until finishing the subjects and he can also do group work.
- He likes to do some activities such as, dancing, singing and when he Studied at Junior High School year 7 he became a Member of the Choir Club.
- He now has leadership skills for example when he Studied at Primary school year 6 he applied to become a Student Leader and this was approved.
- He now understands that he has to wait and that this can take a long time to Line up however he could not do this before.
- He can now eat various foods and he can also eat vegetables and fruit; before he only ate the same food.
- The Immunity of his Body is better and stronger and he rarely catches a cold.
**Note** His Parents decided to stop giving him medicine from the Hospital after he started to take Biomolecular Extracts and he never went back to taking Medicine from the Hospital**
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