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Saying from Dr Theurer founder of the cell therapy
Biomolecular Medicine (Cell Heal Cell)

•    Non stem cell

•    Uses extracts from the end cell in the form of a peptide

•    Uses extracts from many animal organs to facilitate restoring of the cells in the same organs of the human

•    Non allergenic and no side effects

•    Completely different than harmful stem cell therapy

•    Approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in Germany and Thailand

“New hope for the hopeless”
“Give life more years give year more life”
“Make your old age worth living”

Sayings from Dr Theurer
founder of the cell therapy


An Introduction from the President of the
Bio Molecular Therapy Center of Asia


When I look back in time 21 years ago: at that time I went to work in Bahrain where I met some biomolecular therapy specialists who provided me with proof of the healing effectiveness of this therapy even for patients who have hopeless conditions.

As allopathic medicine can not cure these cases this really impressed me and I was very convinced by what I heard. I tried this therapy myself together with others around me and I have to emphasize that I got even more convinced all the time regarding its effectiveness. I decided to go and learn about biomolecular therapy from the origin and to harvest experience because before it had not been possible to study this.

I studied and worked for 3 years as a Consultant for a Doctor and his patients. This gave me the opportunity to contact a lot of patients with different conditions i.e. patients with heart disease, osteodystrophy, allergies, etc. All of these patients got better yet before they went to many other places for treatment but nothing helped. When I was introduced to this therapy I realized that this was real, not deceptive and very good. I decided to promote this to the Thai people who otherwise had no possibility of knowing about this and I knew that they would not regret.

Then when I came back to Thailand I was trusted by the Biomolecular Therapy Center Germany to start the Biomolecular Therapy Clinic of Asia. But in the beginning I had to contend with many different obstructions also the majority of Doctors  still don't know about this therapy and tried to oppose it but I had good luck.

Stem cell therapy was at this time popular however some people started to be interested in biomolecular therapy. As both therapies were in the testing stages here it was difficult for people to decide and there were a lot of difficulties.

Fortunately biomolecular therapy has been approved by the FDA in Germany for about 60 years and is used widely by more than 20 000 Doctors worldwide especially in Europe and Germany were it is normal.

For 18 years our Biomolecular Therapy Clinic Asia has had the opportunity to treat Thai and foreign Patients and we have a lot of evidence for  healing. For example I had the opportunity to look after a Nun suffering with old age diseases including osteoporosis due to defective bone marrow not making blood cells correctly. Biomolecular medicine can help and this Nun was healed. This is just one example of many where biomolecular medicine has helped patients with hopeless conditions. We have a successful healing rate of approximately 68%.

I am now exceedingly glad that biomolecular therapy is starting to be more accepted in Thailand by Doctor's, patients and relatives. Further that everyone gets an opportunity to gain experience regarding the usefulness of this treatment in healing.

I am now really determined to share this knowledge widely to all Practitioners, official Doctors and the general public. I am also very keen that this is introduced to students as a new subject for study.

So for these reasons biomolecular medicine will be continuously further developed to help human life especially the hopeless excellently.

Teacher Pantipa Vajropala

July 2009



Authorised from the Biomolecular Therapy Center of Germany and from the Secretary General – Society Medical Biomolecular Therapy of Germany to be an alternative therapy also responsible for furthering Biomolecular Therapy knowledge for Doctors and others who are interested in the Continental Pacific Region.

Objectives for carrying out the above responsibility at the Medical Biomolecular Therapy Center

•    To continuously provide knowledge and training for Doctors, health personnel and the general public including using health seminars.

•    To provide international consultation for Doctors including review of patients Electro Neural Diagnosis (END Instrument) by using tele – consultation.

•    To provide consultation and technical support for the Institution of Biomolecular Therapy Doctors of Thailand.

What is a Cell
A cell is very, very small and is the smallest unit of life. Very many cells joined together can make an organ and organs connected together can make a body. For example the liver can have one million million liver cells, the heart can have one million million heart cells, the brain can have one million million brain cells, the bone can have one million million bone cells.

The appearance of the cell in each organ and the hue color will be different. One thing that is the same for all cells is regarding the composition in such that they all consist of a nucleus, cytoplasm and cell membrane.


Cell growth in pregnancy starts from fertilization of the egg by sperm and this grows into a fetus. The first cell divides from 1 into 2 and then from 2 to be 4, from 4 to be 8 after that further division makes 16 and so on (each divided cell has a purpose for the organ it is destined to be a part of i.e. head, arm, leg, heart & stomach etc). Each cell continues to divide continuously to make a baby.  After birth the normal cell population continues to divide through ones lifetime and as a young man or girl the cells will already have divided about 20-30 times (during the total lifespan the cells will have divided approximately 50-60 times). From the age of a young man or girl until old age the cells will only have divided again approximately 20-30 times. So we see that from the first cell division  growth is initiated to develop into a young man or girl. Cell division also restores part of the organs that are worn out.


If each cell is strong then this will make the organ strong. Each organ has a different
duty i.e.

•    The heart has the duty to pump blood to maintain the body, if the heart cells are strong then this will provide a better pumping of the blood.
•    The lungs have the duty to take out oxygen from the air we breathe in and transfer it into the bloodstream and to remove carbon di oxide from the bloodstream and transfer it to the air we breathe out. If the lung cells are strong then this transfer of oxygen and removal of carbon di oxide will be better.
•    The kidneys have the duty of regulating and filtering the blood. If the kidney cells are strong then this regulating and filtering will be better.
When the cells of the organs are weak then the organs cannot carry out their duty and this can cause diseases i.e.

•    The bones have the duty to support the body and when the bone cells are deteriorated this can cause thin bones that can easily break.
•    When the blood vessel cells are not strong and lose their elasticity this makes them hard, when the blood vessels are frail this can cause high blood pressure and can make the blood vessels break.
•    When the muscle cells are strong this will provide better support i.e. if the muscles in the neck bone area are not strong then this can provide an opportunity for the neck bones to deteriorate.
•    When the eye cells deteriorate the optic nerve will also deteriorate causing eye problems.
•    When the nerve cells of the ear are deteriorated this makes you hard of hearing, etc.

Finally we will see disease deterioration of organs more with people who are older (normal cell deterioration) caused by a toxic environment that we are exposed to in our lifestyle. We can now restore deteriorated cells so they can work again with biomolecular therapy.

What Is Biomolecular Therapy
The Theory of biomolecular therapy is to restore the cell using exogenous peptides that are proteins residing in the cytoplasm (cell liquid) of the cell. This principal provides healing of diseases at their source by restoring deteriorated human cells using biomolecular cell extracts from animal organs i.e. liver cells will go and restore the liver, heart cells will go and restore the heart, this is the theory called “Cell Heal Cell”.

Who was the Founder of Biomolecular Therapy
The desire of  mankind to develop cell therapy has its roots in Switzerland about 80 years ago in 1931 when Professor Dr Paul Niehans a Surgeon in Switzerland took pulverised cell cytoplasm from an animals parathyroid gland and injected it into a patient with spasmodic dysphonia. It is apparent that the patient got better from this disease and had no allergic reaction.
About 25 years later this treatment is called “Live Cell Therapy” and after this Doctors in Europe especially Germany start to develop live cell therapy. Transplantation of fresh cells was still popular at this time as the method of removing cytoplasm from the cell and restoring the same type of cell i.e. liver cell extract will go and restore the liver; still had to be discovered.
This theory called “Cell Heal Cell” became very popular with the group of people that are rich (cost of treatment rather expensive).
Doctors already also start to gain success in healing diseases for the hopeless.
The success of live cell therapy became very famous in Europe when Doctor Paul Niehans found a way of healing the Pope Pius the 12th who could not otherwise be helped.
Everywhere the Pope's official Physician's believed that he did not have a long time to live.
To determine treatment for the Pope was very risky and worrisome for Doctor Paul Niehans as he had very serious symptoms. In addition to this the Pope's official team of Physician's would have to instantly find the cause of his problems. If he did not get well or things did not turn out as expected it would also mean the end of live cell therapy that he had devoted research to all his life. Dr Paul Niehans went to Rome to treat  Pope Pius the 12th and after about one month he regained his strength and had very good health which is a miracle.

In that era many famous people i.e. Charlie Chaplin, Konrad Ardenauer President of the Republic of Germany, Prime Minister Winston Churchill of England, General Charles de Gaulle of France, President Dwight D Eisenhower of the United States of America, Emporer of Japan, The King of Morocco, The King of Saudi Arabia, The King of the Arab Republic of Yemen were all Patients who got treated with Live Cell Therapy in Germany.

Biomolecular Therapy was developed from the Live Cell Therapy of Dr Niehans because treatment using Live Cell Therapy was very difficult and expensive. Due to the cost normal people would not be able to afford this treatment. In addition to this all cells for transplantation  must pass stringent Government quality control to ensure that they are safe from pathogens. Treatment using live cell therapy was however sometimes risky for allergies or other symptom complications.

Now it is possible for normal people who are not rich and famous to be very happy and not be disheartend as before they did not have a chance to get this treatment but now they have the chance. In addition to this the treatment is very effective even for diseases where there is no hope.

Dr. Karl Theurer in Germany developed biomolecular therapy using cell proteins (bioavailabilty) as he believed that live cell therapy would not continue to be successful.

How did the Theory come about
After very hard study and experimentation Dr. Karl Theurer found a way of restoring deteriorated cells by using part of a peptide from a protein in the cytoplasm. To do this Dr. Theurer used a special method to seperate the peptide from the cell; where an acid vapour vacuum is used at a very low temperature to break down the cell wall and seperate the nucleus from the cytoplasm while still maintaining the bioavailability. The method was later patented by the Company Vitorgan.

This method in addition to destroying pathogens also changes the characteristics of the cell so that the immune system does not recognise it as a foreign body (no negative response from the immune system and no allergies). This method also allows the cell to retain its organ specific memory. This means that the extracted biomolecular substances will have cell specific restoration qualities i.e. biomolecular cell extracts from animal liver cells will restore liver cells in the human body.

Not only is this treatment effective but it is also very safe and there has never been any instances of anaphylactic shock which is a weak point when injecting proteins in general.

The success of Dr. Karl Theurer provided hope for normal people and not only the rich and famous to get this treatment.

The Government of Germany permitted in about 1950 the medical registration of 100 biomolecular products that were used for treating all types of cell deterioration diseases and these are still used today.

What Diseases can be Treated
•    Diseases that cause deterioration of organs can be treated. Any part of an organ that deteriorates first starts to deteriorate in the smallest part of the organ the cells.

Because biomolecular therapy can restore deteriorated cells that do not function properly that means we can prevent premature cell death. In addition to this if the treatment is started as early as possible before the cell has not deteriorated too much then the restoration will be quicker. In contrast if the treatment is started late then the cell restoration will take longer time.

Example Diseases Treated using Biomolecular Therapy:
•    Ischemic heart disease
•    Valvular heart disease
•    Arrhythmia heart disease
•    Congenital heart disease
•    Diabetes mellitus (Type 1 and 2)
•    Hypertension
•    Kidney disease
•    Chronic renal failure
•    Liver disease, hepatitis B & C infections
•    Tinnitus, vertigo, hearing loss/impairment
•    Glaucoma, cataract
•    Peptic ulcer, stomach ulcer
•    Psoriasis, dermatitis, chronic dermatitis
•    Blood disorder / anemia
•    Myalgia, joint pain, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, low back pain
•    Stroke / cerebrovascular accident
•    Cerebral palsy, cerebral atrophy, Alzheimer / dementia
•    Delayed development, hyperactive child / ADHD
•    Down's syndrome
•    Parkinsonism
•    Migraine
•    Stress
•    Allergy
•    Hypersensitivity
•    Rheumatoid arthritis
•    SLE
•    Acne / melasma
•    Endocrine gland disorder
•    Menopause
•    Infertility
•    Erectile dysfunction
•    Fatigue
•    Hemorrhoids
•    Degenerative diseases

Is there an age limit for people to be treated or not?
In our experience we have treated a baby aged 4 months who was diagnosed with mongolism caused by brain defects. Biomolecular treatment can even help adults over 90 years old. All diseases caused by degeneration of the cells or abnormal cell death can be treated for whatever cause.

Can biomolecular therapy help people to live to 120 years or not?

•    Before people blessed each other with long life by saying “I hope you live for 100 years”  but now we can say instead “I hope you live for 120 years” All of this is thanks to the discovery of the Cell Heal Cell concept by Dr. Karl Theurer that restores and makes the cell strong again so that it is possible to live to 120 years.
•    Many cells in the human body have to divide making new cells to replenish worn out cells. Biomolecular therapy treatment is important as it restores worn out cells. If we compare the restoring of cells with using a rubber stamp and the ink board. The quality of the rubber stamp will be damaged if the cell is deteriorated by disease and old age. As a result of this the functioning of the stamp will be poor however if the quality of the rubber stamp and ink board is good then the functioning of the stamp will be good.
•    It is normal for the cell to deteriorate slowly however this deterioration can make the organs unable to carry out their duty. This deterioration can cause diseases and make people sick i.e. when the organs cannot carry out their duty you can get heart disease, renal disease, alzheimers, etc.
•    Biomolecular therapy has proven itself many times already from the laboratory that it can help restore worn down and damaged cells so that they get better. It can be compared with the rubber stamp and ink board that gets a renewed quality again. Apart from this we still find the normal life cycle of the human cell in general to divide about 50-60 times. Biomolecular therapy can help to increase cell division more by 5-6 times thus enabling an increase in the human lifespan to 120 years.

What Causes the Deterioration
•    Defective genes from the mother.
•    Old age (cell deterioration is linked to ones age thus the older one is the more organ deterioration and disease can occur. People who are old have more diseases than for example a child.
•    Stress (stress can make the immune system defective).
•    Autoimmune disease (autoimmune disease causes a premature organ deterioratation as it incorrectly attacks organs causing deterioratation i.e. attacks the kidney causing kidney deterioratation).
•    Toxic environment (weather, food, etc).
Degeneration Start Age 20-25 Years
•    Restoring of the cell is now necessery at age 20-25 year because in former times there was no pollution and people were closer to nature with little stress to make a living not same as now. Cell degeneration in people of former times started in the woman at age 40 years and in the man at age 45 years.
•    In the present time evreything has to be done in a hurry in this era of globalization. In addition to this evreything is under the control of computers. These factors make the people of this era more stressed and this causes the cells to degenerate prematurely from age 20-25 years in both woman and man.
•    Statistics from a renowned Doctor's clinic in Germany have found that symptoms of fatigue and stress start at age 20 to 25. Therefore if you start to restore the cells from age 20 to 25 the restoration will be quicker and more efficient than if you wait until you are older. The older you are the more difficult it becomes to restore the cells and achieve more cell division also sometimes it may not be possible to restore.

Degeneration affects all Organs
•    If when we are old we look from outside at our physical appearance we will see degeneration of many organs i.e. gray hair, wrinkled skin, blurred vision, dedentition, impaired hearing, bone degeneration, problems with sitting and walking. All of these issues we can see and feel however apart from this the organs inside also degenerate which we cannot see. We can see the degeneration but we cannot choose which organs also the sequence of degeneration as all organs are affected together. Some organs can however have more or less degeneration.

Our bodies are also dependent on how we look after them regarding the food we eat, exercise, stress, environment, weather, etc.

How can we restore degenerated cells
Dr Karl Theurer found a process to restore degenerated cells by using cell extracts from the same organs. The process he used was a specialised process that gave the extract good biological cell rejuvenation and restorative properties i.e.

•    Extracts from the liver will go and restore the liver.
•    Extracts from the kidney will go and restore the kidney.
•    Extracts from the heart will go and restore the heart.
•    Extracts from the muscles will go and restore the muscles.
•    Extracts from the lungs will go and restore the lungs.
•    Extracts from the stomach will go and restore the stomach.
•    Extracts from the spleen will go and restore the spleen.
•    Extracts from the intestines will go and restore the intestines.
•    Extracts from the brain will go and restore the brain.
•    Extracts from the blood vessels will go and restore the blood vessels.

Treatment using biomolecular therapy does not involve using “one Ginseng” to heal all organs. It involves restoring like “eye to eye, tooth to tooth, heart to heart, liver to liver” and all other organs in the same way using a single organ extract from a thousand organs.

In addition to this we have extracts from all organs that can be called a “high tech chinese soup with meat and vegetables” combined in one capsule (Vitaline) for restoring the whole body holistically.

More than 60 years ago during experiments in restoring of degenerated organs in humans and animals the Vitorgan Research Institute found an holistic cell extract that can restore the cell and increase cell division by 5 to 6 times. The cell extract was made to be taken as a supplement.

The general theory is to restore all organs holistically or if any organ is deteriorated more by disease i.e. heart disease causing the heart to have problems then treatment will be by using holistic whole body cell extracts also cell extracts from the heart. Similarly kidney disease will be treated by using holistic whole body cell extracts also cell extracts from the kidneys and for Alzheimer's disease we use holistic whole body cell extracts and cell extracts from the brain.

If you want to have a long life until 120 years then you must avoid things that cause degeneration i.e. polluted weather, inappropriate food, smoking, drinking alcohol and stress, etc. In addition  to this you must take exercise appropriate for your age and based on this theory you can achieve your dream age of 120 years.

However now for the truth.

We can restore organs from when they first start to degenerate, however cells that are very degenerated may not be able to be restored. Therefore it is important to take care of your cells and restore them before they reach a state of degeneration such that they cannot be restored. Another great benefit of doing this is that when diseases occur it is more difficult to restore the cells.

So do not waste time biomolecular therapy is one interesting option that can extend the human life successfully by natural means.

How can the “Cell Heal Cell” Theory Help to Restore your Cells
Some time ago in Germany a group of Doctor's from the Institute of Medical Biomolecular Therapy started to to do experiments on groups of mice. The mice were divided into 4 groups each containing 15 mice and tested as follows:
•    Group 1 were injected with cell extracts from the heart.
•    Group 2 were injected with cell extracts from the liver.
•    Group 3 were injected with cell extracts from the kidneys.
•    Group 4 were not injected with anything.
To be able to follow the path of the cell extracts each extract used was mixed with radioactive tracer dye. After 8 hours each mouse was operated on every 2 hours to check where the extracts had gone to and to see if the same cell extracts had gone to the same organs i.e. in group 1 the heart cell extracts should have gone to the heart and vice versa for groups 2 and 3.

After the operation on the group 1 mice they found that the heart cells were increasing by 10 000 to 20 000 while the cells from the other organs had not increased. They found also that the same thing had happened with the organs in groups 2 and 3.

No reaction was found in group 4 as this was not subject to any injections.

To summarise the results of this experiment confirm that all organ extracts will go to the same organ they are extracted from and help increase the cell division so that the organ is restored and functions better.

Avoid Organ Transplants using the “Cell Heal Cell” Concept
The theory of medical biomolecular therapy has now proved for more than 60 years that by using cell extracts from animal organs we can restore the organs of people. The biomolecular cell extracts restore deteriorated cells so that they can work normally again.

Lately we have evidence from Germany where we restored heart cells that were not working. This patients heart could not pump blood at 100% only 20% giving symptoms of very easily tired and abnormal heartbeat. The Doctors in the hospital wanted to carry out a heart transplantation as the cardiac muscle was degenerated. During the waiting period for a suitable donor heart the patient had the opportunity to try biomolecular therapy which he was given 2 times per week for about 6 months. After this the ability for the patients heart to pump blood  had increased 50% such that he could walk without being tired also his other heart symptoms had gone away but most importantly he no longer needed to have a heart transplant.

This is just one example where organs can be restored so that there is no need for an organ transplant. In cases where the organs are not so deteriorated you can use a longer time for restoring using supplement tablets i.e.  Vitaline (holistic for whole body) and heart cell extract tablets.

Is Biomolecular Therapy only for the rich?
Treatment expenses are related to the type of disease however if you only have 10 000 baht you can still start.

Interesting Statistical Records
•    Twenty years ago more than 150 million people were treated using biomolecular therapy and at that time there were many different types.
•    About 20 000 Doctor's worldwide especially in Germany and the rest of Europe are using biomolecular therapy treatment.
•    48 countries in the world guarantee treatment using biomolecular therapy and include the study of treating diseases with this in the Doctor's training.
•    There are more than 3000 biomolecular therapy reports from research clinics concerning treatment by Doctors at hospitals and clinics.
•    Reports from Doctor's confirm that 68% of medically hopeless cases can get help when treated with biomolecular therapy.

Summary of Key Points regarding Biomolecular Therapy Treatment
•    The treatment treats the cause not the symptoms i.e. In diabetes mellitus insulin must be used because the Islets of Langerhaus do not produce enough insulin. This insulin replacement therapy must be used forever. Medical biomolecular therapy uses extracts from the pancreas to restore the pancreas so that it can naturally make insulin.
•    No allergies and no side effects even babies can use this.
•    No steroids and no chemical substances thus no danger for toxic build up in the body (in the case of a disease requiring the use of steroids we can help so that the patient can reduce the dosage or even stop taking it).
•    Our products are non stem cell and are extracts from the end cell in in the form of peptides these are different than stem cells and the FDA in Germany and Thailand has given permission to use them.
•    The treatment restores all body systems. When people are sick the sickness does not just affect one organ but is associated with all systems. For the treatment to be effective we emphasise an holistic type of treatment.
•    We also treat diseases that cannot be helped by other methods like Doctor Karl Theurer says “New hope for the hopeless”.

Biomolecular Therapy Center of Asia
•    The Institution provides knowledge, training and facilities for educating others in medical biomolecular therapy.
•    A specialist center of resource personnel available for invitations from the public sector and private organisations including education institutions, physicians, student Doctors & medical health personnel to enhance the knowledge to all class students.
•    Any educational institutions any organisations or anybody else who is interested in finding out more about the work studies or in going to a lecture then please contact our Technical Department Tel. 02-8740980-4

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