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Bone deterioration disease of Ms.Tongkam Gingmanee, aged 71 year (many times former Thai National Badminton Champion) Views 8629 15.01.2013
by Webmaster

SUBJECT: Bone deterioration disease:

CASE STUDY: Ms.Tongkam Gingmanee, aged 71 year (many times former Thai National Badminton Champion)


-    This case history is about former Thai National Badminton Champion Tongkam Gingmanee aged 71 years. This case study has already been broadcast one time on the air. This time we come back and talk to her once again after she returned from China with a Gold Medal and Silver Medal after participating in the Red Bull 19th  World Chinese Badminton Championship. Congratulations to her and we are all very proud because at age 71 nearly 72 she had the chance to heal herself using biomolecular therapy (cell heal cell). This treatment made her health very good and strong for people of her age so that she can compete in a competition and win prizes to bring back to Thailand.

-   For a long time at the end of 2011 there was flooding in Thailand that prevented her from practising badminton for about 9 months. After this the Team Manager FYC called and invited her to compete in a competition in China however she only had time to practice 1 day a week; thus she was only able to practices 5 times before she went to China. This is very little training for such a prestigious competition and she herself felt that she did not have any chance to win because of this. She has before participated  in 2 generations of competitions in both mixed male and female with 3 people playing together. She played several sets including the finals where she was awarded the Gold Medal and Silver Medal.

-    About 1.5 months before she went to the competition she came here for biomolecular therapy treatment and can only manage to play 2-4 sets due to fatigue and bone problems. In 1972 it was very hard to practice badminton and she had an accident during practice where she cracked her right knee patella, tore a tendon and had to have an operation. After this her right knee started to be deformed resulting in, slower walking, pain and a rubbing feeling. She did not get any treatment for this because she could still function normally in everyday life and play badminton. She also had right shoulder pain after a fall in the stairs 3 years ago that dislocated the joint and when practising badminton this made it difficult to hit the shuttlecock hard.


•    After menopause bone density problems with elderly women can occur due to loosing the hormone estrogen that is responsible for producing bone mass.
•    Treatment with estrogen replacement allopathic medicine for osteoporosis at an early stage can help very much however if this disease has been active for along time then it only helps a little. It is not possible to take estrogen replacement medicine all your life due to the risk of cancer.


•    Treatment by biomolecular therapy (cell heal cell theory) using cell extracts from the same organs that have problems. In this case using extracts from the bone and joint to treat deterioration diseases. The joint contains synovial fluid for lubrication.
•    In the laboratory they take all of the synovial fluid and the bone nerve cells that control the bone and ligaments. In the case of Tongkam we restore the bone especially as we must prepare her to be ready for the sports competition. Tendons and ligaments must be strong and the nerve cells that control them very good. If a bone presses on a nerve then this will cause pain so that you can not run so we must restore the bones so that they are strong and do not press on a nerve cell. We must also restore the muscles to make them firm.
•    After this also restore the brain, blood cells, nerve cells and skin muscles to make her look younger than people of her same age. We also restore all body organs using whole extracts to treat the whole body and all systems.


•    1 Month – Can now practice 6 set of badminton without being tired whereas before very tired after only 2-4 set.  Fresh, active and strong, brain very bright & active. Before slow walking behind people but now walks quickly.
•    1.5 Month – Her friend went with her to China to support and encourage her during the competitions and gave complements when she was playing & running to hit the shuttlecock quickly & smoothly. All of this made her very happy with herself and her Team.







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