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Apeeradee who is now 26 years old started her treatment by using Bio Molecular Therapy  when she was 7 years old. Before she arrived at the Clinic  she was Spastic with  atrophy of calf muscles and her hands and feet were distorted causing difficulty in moving her limbs also in turning when lying down, etc Doctors operated on her and managed to heal her of her distorted limbs however coordination problems in her Brain inhibited her from using her limbs properly.


After Treatment by using Bio Molecular Therapy  she could carry out the following:


• After 7 Treatments she could start to move her Neck so that it was more straight instead of being bent.

• After 9 Treatments she can do repetitive rolls from one side to the other and she can also crawl, this was not possible before and her Mother had to help her all the time.

• Her Spasticity improved in her hands so that she can bend her hands up also urination is  easier and she can now walk with the Walking Support Frame.

• She can now hold a Pencil and write letters with beautiful writing and also use the telephone none of this was possible before treatment.

• Atrophied muscles in her Hips and lack of Calf Muscles are clearly being regenerated also her spinal bones are developing as she can now almost sit normally.

• Previous speech impediments have healed and she can now talk normally.
• Her Digestive System has healed so that her appetite is now better and her overall body growth is better.

• Her Brain has healed so that her School Examination results have gone from her being number 34 out of 39 in her Class to Number 17 after 4 months and Number 7 after 8 months and finally being Number 2 in her Class.

• At the present time she is studying in her third year at the Ramkhamhaeng University in Bangkok and she can now also help her Mother do Income and Expenses Accounts in her Mothers Business. This healing proves without a shadow of doubt that it is possible to heal this type of Brain Disorder so that a person previously classed  by Conventional Medical Science as mentally retarded and incurable can be healed and go on to be top in their Class and also go to University. The Cell Treatment  has the unique ability to regenerate and heal defective Brain Cells and other Cells thus healing many Diseases deemed incurable by Medical Science.



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