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Peejitra started the treatment by using Bio Molecular     Method  when she was 5.5 years old. Analysis revealed that her Metabolic System was not functioning properly. Her sickness affected her Bone growth so that she was deformed also her social interaction and communication, etc was seriously affected.


At the Kindergarten she showed no interest in her surroundings, would not speak and she liked to hide in the corner of the Classroom in addition to this she opposed everybody. Because of her problems at the Kindergarten the Teachers suggested to her Parents that they move Peejitra to a Special School for mentally handicapped People, her Parents did not agree to this and suggested that they treat her at the Bio Molecular Clinic to try and help her.


After the ninth session of Treatment  Peejitra started to speak and answer questions and after two months of Treatment she could speak normally also her memory function had improved. After this Treatment she had healed so much that she started to continue her schooling like a normal child. Her schooling progressed so well that she was in the top 5 in her Class.


This Case and others proves that people with Autism can be healed and go on to study normally and even be in the top level of the Class. One day after Treatment  Peejitra forgot her Study Book in School with her Homework however when she got home she could still remember all of the Homework Questions even in the correct order and she could then still do her Homework correctly.


Peejitra is now 18 years old and is studying to be a Scientist (Genetics) at the Mahidol University in Bangkok which is ranked as the famous University in Thailand.

Peejitra's Parents are now very happy and proud of there Daughters healing and development, whereas before coming to the Bio Molecular Clinic the situation for there Daughter was hopeless.


This example Case Study of Peejitra proves that it is possible to heal Autism at the Bio Molecular Clinic by using  Cell Therapy (not Stem Cell) whereas conventional Medicine has no known cure.


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