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Case 1 :: K. J is a 69 year old man Views 5406 25.03.2010
by Webmaster
K. J is a 69 year old man who came to get Bio-Molecular treatment with a hearing impairment, in which the tones that he heard were not the same as they were supposed to be, K. J was sad because he was no longer able to play the piano and was also unable to conduct meetings at work. He also had stress which was causing for have muscle spasms which constricted the blood vessels making his blood pressure elevate, along side that he had neck and back pain and difficulty sleeping. When he went to the doctor at a conventional hospital, the diagnosis was that since his stress level was so high it made him sick and his blood pressure was 150-160/85-100 mmHg, he was at risk of Diabetes and the doctor also found that he had acute deafness but they could not find the cause of the problem so they told him that his hearing would not be 100% cured. K. J then decided to go through the Bio-molecular treatment, he was put through the END and the Somatogram showed that the part of his brain that controls stress was not working properly which contributed to his neck and back pain and also his Hypertension. Besides that the only other organ that was not working properly was the right ear, so after going through 3 weeks of their therapy he was feeling amazing differences, he was treated in a holistic way, as every patient is treated because it is a requirement, but in his case the doctors put more emphasis on the problem that was occurring in the ear. After 17 treatments they did a follow up diagnosis with the END and it showed improvement in all the organs that was not working properly in the initial Somatogram, the pain that he felt in his neck and back was gone and he could sleep better at night, his hearing capabilities increased. After 1 month of treatment his hearing was even better than before and his blood pressure went down to normal 140/90 mmHg.
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